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2023.04.28|Chloe Shen

Alibaba News Roundup: Labor Day Travel Bookings; Alibaba Cloud’s AI Model Debut; Taobao Maker Festival Kicks Off

Alibaba Cloud Generative AI Model
2023.04.27|Ivy Yu

Alibaba Cloud’s AI Model Tops 200,000 Testing Requests; Cuts Prices On Core Cloud Products in China

AliCloud Energy Expert Client UEM EdgentaAliCloud Energy Expert Client UEM Edgenta
2023.04.21|Di Wu

Alibaba Cloud’s Energy Expert Helps Companies Meet Emission Targets

2023.04.20|Terren Ho

How Alibaba Deploys Green Technologies Throughout Its Offices

2023.04.11|Ivy Yu

Alibaba Cloud Debuts Generative AI Model for Corporate Users 

2023.03.23|Chloe Shen

One for the Road: Alibaba’s Amap and Starbucks Launch Curbside Service in China

DAMO Academy has developed generative AI models that can transform China’s creative industries
2023.03.22|Ivy Yu

Alibaba’s Generative AI and the Future of Creative Work

2023.03.08|Ivy Yu

Businesses in Asia Migrating to Cloud in 2023, Research Finds

2023.01.20|Yashan Zhao

How Will Generative AI Transform Content Creation In Gaming to Advertising?

2023.01.13|Ivy Yu

Alibaba Partners With China’s Geely to Give Autos a Digital Makeover

Alibaba sends oximeter to village clinic in rural China for covid relief
2023.01.13|Ivy Yu

Alibaba News Roundup: Alibaba Donates Medical Devices to Fight Pandemic; Cainiao Invests in Doorstep Delivery

2023.01.12|Ivy Yu

Alibaba Blends Retail With Technology to Build Green Supply Chains

2023.01.11|Ivy Yu

2023’s Top 10 Tech Trends By Alibaba’s DAMO Academy

DingTalk hit 600 million users
2022.12.30|Chloe Shen

Alibaba News Roundup: Alibaba’s DingTalk Tops 600 Million Users; Alibaba Names New CTO; CEO Steps In As Interim Head of Alibaba Cloud

Mulberry China sales
2022.12.02|Ivy Yu

Alibaba News Roundup: Mulberry Sales Up in China; Alibaba Cloud-Powered World Cup Mascot Cuts Emissions; Chinese Soccer Fans Feast on Hotpot